Out of state investor. Water turned on by contractor.

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Hello Everyone,

I am working with a client for sale of his fix and flip. Its been a year since he bought the house and he is about to complete the rehab. He was relying on a contractor and had issues with him to complete the rehab. It seem like the water was never turned on by the village but the contractor turned on the water without notifying the owner but he never shut it down. Currently, the contractor is missing in action. My client tried with different plumbers but found that the water would not shut down from outside. He is seeking my help to resolve the issue. I do not have any clue on how to resolve this issue except to go to the village. I thought I would check on BP. Please let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts on how to handle the situation with the village. I appreciate your help.



There should be a main meter under a lid where the main water line comes in. Its typically on the street side, but if don't see it go in the basement or crawl space and see where the main water line is coming in and you will know its on that side of the house. Typically with these meters you can use a wrench to turn on and off and left the cap up. They also sell the T bar that makes this easier at plumbing supply places. 

If this isn't the issue, or you can't go this route then go in the crawl space/basement, find the main water line coming through the foundation wall. Follow this water line until you find a main shut off. In crawl spaces this may be near the water heater, in basements they are typically close to where they come through the wall. 

If you have trouble figuring out which is the water line then go inside the house and turn on the cold side to one or two faucets. When you get back under the house you will hear the water moving in the lines, and can feel the line vibrating so you know you have the right one. 

Hope this helps! Thanks Aaron

@Raj Kumar , so your client is trying to turn off the water after the contractor turned it on?  Why?  It would be best if he calls the city and asks them to turn it in (although it is already on) in order to establish service for 2 reasons: (1) He's going to need to have the water on for the when the property gets inspected (banks won't loan unless everything is proven to be working) and (2) Right now the city could charge him with theft of water by turning the water back on himself (well, really the contractor did it but the city does not care).  One way or another the city is going to know EXACTLY how much water has been used since they last read the meter before turning it off previously.  The best he can hope for is to plead ignorance; blame the contractor, and hope he only gets charged for the water that has been used and not being fined in addition to usage.