Any user created maps that show crime?

1 Reply | Chicago, Illinois

I was caught off guard by using the usually accurate Trulia Crime maps which gathers data from and It showed no blue area (blue meaning crime) in the area of Dolton and Gary, IN. I knew that can't be true for Gary as it is notorious for violent crime. Other sites and anecdotes told me Dolton was terrible. What is happening is that some police departments do not report to these websites and you end up with areas that look crime free.

Which leads my options to finding a realtor that can tell me area by area and block by block which is good or not good. The other option, that I hope exists, are maps created by investors detailing areas they have personally visited and giving the area a letter grade. I've seen nice graded maps for other cities so I am hoping to check out one for the 3rd largest city in the US. Here is a contribution I found. It is a map of gangs updated for 2018.