Chicago State University

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Hi, I am an out of state investor looking at the neighborhood just a mile north of Chicago State University. Any thoughts? I think at best C, but is it D neighborhood? Gangs? Drugs? Thank you for your input. 

@Nancy Tran There are many great areas between 87th and 95th where the school is located and there is some good areas just east and west of the school too along 95th on both sides of the highway.

It all depends.....its on a block by block basis. But your going need a solid team in place if your thinking about renting or flipping. I know a lot of investors from the West coast such as California, Seattle and Utah are looking at the midwest for investing. But, in summary it depends where your looking. Some areas around there I would not look to flip. I hope you also trust the contractor you have or looking to have do the work in a timely manner. Thats the key to being successful at investing out of state.