Renter's rights question

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Two renters are asking me for some legal advice and I'm not sure how to advise them since I'm not a lawyer. They signed a lease on a 5bd apartment and made it known they might add additional renters. The landlord is telling them that there would be an increase in rent if another tenant is added. I have no idea whether or not that's legal. Anyone have advice I can pass on?

@Nikki Kofkin

The lease agreement with the landlord should have everything spelled out. At the end of the day, it does not matter what the landlord said, its what is written on the contract. If the landlord put in the lease that any person who stays at the rental for more than 1 or 2 months will be added onto the lease and the rent charge will be adjusted accordingly then the judge will rule on the landlord's side. If, however, none of that is said on the lease and its just what the landlord said to the tenants then the judge will rule on the tenant's side. I am not an attorney and you should ideally refer them to an attorney for clarification. This is just general knowledge I am using. Things may be different on a state by state, city by city basis.  

Don't really need an attorney for this question. A landlord can charge as much rent as they want, and increase it with conditions, as long as all of those are written in the lease or on an addendum and SIGNED by both parties. Also consider, that if they sign the lease with 4 tenants, and then add another tenant, they have technically violated/voided the lease, and should be made to sign another lease or face eviction.