GC recommendation for 203K in Chicago

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Hello BPer’s,

Looking to connect with someone who has completed a 203K rehab in Chicago. I recently had a offer accepted in 60618 area and would love some advice/recommendations/things to watch out for/etc.

Also, in general, does anyone know any trustworthy good General Contractors (GC’s) to reach out to for Bids on the project. All responses are greatly appreciated! 

Work that will be needed include but not limited to: kitchen, baths, doors, windows, trim, drywall, floors, exterior siding, etc. 

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Originally posted by @John Warren :

@Helen Fremichael I know a good GC in that area. I can PM you if you are still looking for someone. Just get ready... all the good contractors are booked for months. 

 Thank you! I sent you a PM. 

For 203k, don't you have to pick someone from HUD's list? Please correct me if I'm wrong.