Chicago Inmediatamente Lease Termination

2 Replies | Chicago, Illinois

Hi there 

Continuing with some research in Chicago. 

Do we have to always default to the 30 day termination even if we want to cancel sooner, let's say 3 days or a week?

This also involves return of security deposit and no other fees.  There is no need to charge move out fees, no concerns for vacancy,  etc.

is this a legitimate way to terminate this contract and move on?



1. Who is "we?" The tenant? The landlord? Both?

2. Are BOTH parties (tenant AND landlord) in agreement as to the termination?

3. IF BOTH parties are in agreement, you can do anything, just make sure the agreement is in a signed writing. IF ONLY ONE party wants to break the lease, the law must be followed for notice.
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