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Hello..I'm in central chicago... and own/manage 20 doors...6 in the pipeline ...and a couple of rehabs going on and I'm still putting in about 35 hours a week at my business. I am looking for a good software company to help me manage and keep track of the realestate.i keep getting ads from stessa...anybody have experience with them or can recommend someone else?..looking to leave my bizness soon and just focus on growing the realestate with the help of biggerpockets..they have been great!

Robert, I can PM you. I have a personal connection who uses and highly recommends NestEgg. However, I am under the impression they're a more premium service, so it may depend on what your needs and cost expectations may be!

Robert, sent you a PM. A friend and I are working on launching a property management platform. We're currently in beta testing yet that is coming to an end soon and should have the initial launch <30 days.

Anyone else who's interested in testing it out, please shoot me a PM and I can give you access once it's launched.

@Robert Zavala I was going through this same dilemma not too long ago. I have been using for a while now to manage 32 doors here in the Berwyn area. I was trying to decide whether or not I should make the jump to buildium or appfolio, both of which have some clear benefits to free systems. I ultimately decided to switch to a local property manager which should free up my time to do my business more. If I were you, I would carefully evaluate the reasons you are self managing that many doors and figure out how much your time is worth.

I hear ya John Warren..good advise..I have been doing 2 careers since right out of college..full time pharmacist and self-managing investor...opened my own pharmacy(pilsen) 6 years ago..its nice but pressure from the PBMs are making it very difficult..I like to manage my own properties because not only do I like fixing things but  i also  get a first hand view on any problems arising...and I save $ from some not so honest propertymanagers/tradesmen...all myproperties are within 20minutes of each other..that helps too. So my dream retirement is to finally get to organize all those basements!

Hi Robert, just wondering, we're launching a new property system that does property management on top of being a property management software via AI and some other tricks. Would you be interested to schedule a call to discus? Thanks

@Robert Zavala sounds like you have been running a tight ship for a while! I would recommend you look into Cozy some more. I like that it is free for the land lord. They recently added a maintenance feature in which allows tenants to submit tickets like other PM software does. 

Part of the reason why you are starting to hit a wall is that you are entering what other more experienced investors have described as "land lord hell". When you have 30-80 doors you don't have quite enough scale to hire a leasing agent or a maintenance guy full time, but you have a LOT of little items to do. It is like death by 1000 paper cuts.

I've spent countless hours researching for a management software product, and signed up for Buildium over a year ago. Since then, they have exceeded my expectations. the communication aspect of the software in itself is worth the couple hundred dollars a month. Each month they are continuously improving their system and adding new features while not compromising the functionality of the system, and not requiring a learning curve each time. I highly--highly recommend them!