Duplex Rehab Architect - Chicagoland

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Hi BPers -

I am looking for an architect in the Chicagoland area who is familiar with the Chicago permitting process.

The work I am looking to do is knock down a kitchen wall and bedroom wall in order to open up the space of a duplex 

Does anyone in this forum have a recommended architect they’ve used in the past? 


Hey @Marco Pangilinan , I could definitely help you out. My firm specializes in Residential construction (New and Remodeling) In Chicago and throughout Chicagoland. I am Self-Certified in the City of Chicago as well, which expedites the permit process. I sent you a PM, feel free to contact me at your convenience.

@Sarita Scherpereel and @Wonderful Togbey , thanks for the recommendations!

@Marco Pangilinan - I'd agree with others above that @Samuel Pavlovcik would be a good resource.  I'd also recommend @Prashanth Mahakali who I have personally worked with through plenty of zoning and permitting issues.

Lastly, I'd recommend talking to a zoning attorney.  PM me and I can provide some details.  Hope that helps!