Bronzeville Chicago Airbnb

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Does anyone have any insight on how well Airbnb's do in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago? I am interested in Airbnb vs traditional rentals but am concerned about vacancies.

I have a friend that has a bunch of Airbnb in Bronzeville. She’s not on BP, so if you message me Your email, I’ll introduce you both. 

@Kevin Coleman - I have an AirBnB in Bucktown and it has been performing strongly after the initial COID front.  I also started it after the first wave since I thought the market would be less saturated (just hope it keeps paying off haha).

For Bronzeville, I don't have any AirBnBs, but I am under contract for a bigger project (condos) down there and I love the area.  I would definitely consider AirBnB and look into the numbers more.   Let me know how I can help.

Hi @Kevin Coleman . I have considered converting my current long term rental unit in Bronzeville into an Airbnb at my next vacancy. Would love to connect and see how things go for you and if I can be of any help. A friend of mine also owns an Airbnb cleaning business, if you’re interested