Call to action rent control HB116 please sign!

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Good morning thought this may interest BiggerPockets members. Rent control does not solve housing affordability issues for tenants. Further, if this legislation is passed, rent control will also greatly challenge the real estate investment environment in our state, perhaps driving some landlords to other investments thus actually decreasing the availability of rentals overall. If you oppose rent control, here are the instructions...

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION AGAINST RENT CONTROL We need you to take quick, immediate action against HB116 – House Committee Amendment 1, which would repeal the Rent Control Preemption Act. A repeal of this act would allow any local governmental body in the state of Illinois to implement rent control measures on residential or commercial property leases. We oppose rent control because it is a blanket policy that does not solve the problem of housing affordability or housing availability. Illinois residents are saddled with high property taxes with no solution in sight. Rent control limits private owners from adjusting rents while our lawmakers refuse to solve property tax problems. Property tax control needs to be the priority. HOW CAN YOU TAKE ACTION? Take one minute to file a witness slip against HB116.On the witness slip, please use the following information in the designated areas:
  • II. Representation
    • Person, groups firms represented in this appearance: SELF
  • III. Position
    • Select: “Opponent”
  • IV. Testimony
    • Select: “Record of Appearance Only”
  • Click “Create (Slip)”

Thanks for sharing Henry. Filled this a few days ago, we need as any signatures as we can get!

FYI you can also create a slip to to oppose HCA 1 as well.

Illinois House Bill 116 would lift the statewide rent control prohibition. 

State Rep. Will Guzzardi is chairing the committee, and he's also the same representative who introduced this legislation.

If we don't act, and act fast, this could very well be enacted.