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Hey BP family....

My lovely agent just passed the word that if you don't want a rent controlled state, you need to email your district's representative here, after filling in your address:

Here you can see what representatives are sponsoring it:

This is so harmful to people like me, and I'm sure many of you who have worked your whole lives sacrificing to accomplish your dreams. I'm no big agency person, I just have one house but a first generation immigrant, this is my American dream. I have a lot more to say but this post isn't about me, it's about us. Please help our community and send an email explaining to your representative how this would impact your dreams and aspirations too. 

💯- We are just putting the call to action out for all ChicagoREIA members. With ten thousand plus members that are all investors it affects all of us and will affect tenants and hurt them in the long run. 

Instead of encouraging more housing so the supply goes up they keep punishing landlords. Politicians at their best.  

Thanks for sharing. Very important everyone signs this! Thankfully chicago politicians do not have the power to enact rent control and all of this has to pass IL state law which I see very unlikely but still important for everyone to show support against.