Bathroom exhaust contractor

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I’ve got a bathroom in my residential unit, Chicago, north side, that has an exhaust fan (wires previously disconnected) that blows shower steam air directly into the walls. It has no ducting attached to it, and humid air is just pushed into the ceiling. Apparently people used to design buildings like this, pushing humid air into the attic, but this is a flat roof building and there is no attic.  Looking to get this fixed.

Called a few HVAC companies and they don’t do bathroom or kitchen hood exhaust.

Any recommendations for someone who can come by and give a quote or inform about best practices/options? I’m very interested in a DIY repair but this seems like a somewhat involved situation to open the ceiling and/or roof/exterior walls.

thanks in advance 

@Christopher Grannen that is tricky for sure, but I think normally the electrician is the one who deals with these and not the HVAC company. You do need to punch a hole in the wall if you have a flat roof which is also tricky since you sometimes need a siding or brick contractor to clean up the exterior and a plasterer on the inside!