Bronzeville Neighborhood in Chicago

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Hey BiggerPockets family! Long time listener and browser, 1st time poster. My question is in regard to the Bronzeville neighborhood in Chicago. I'm looking to purchase a single family in that area which I will live in and ultimately turn into a long or short term rental after a year or two. 

Does anyone have any insight into that neighborhood? Expected growth? Incoming business or commercial developments that could spur appreciation? Proximity to "things to do" in Chicago? Anything at all to help me decide if this is a good area to buy would be fantastic. Thank you so much in advance!

We invest on the NW side of the city so I'm not familiar (from a practical standpoint) with Bronzeville. But word on the street is--it's a BIG FAT YES of an area! I want to learn more about it myself. Please let us know how your journey goes and welcome to BP! :)

Jennie Berger, Property People

Hi Adedotun! I actually mention Bronzeville a lot to not only newer investors but even experienced investors as well because Bronzeville has become a very marketable and investor friendly area. Getting an investment that sits along the Green Line has definitely become a higher priority lately for investors. Would love to connect and tell you more about it!