Naperville, Plainfield & Aurora

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I am trying to get a better understanding of owning properties in Naperville, Plainfield and Aurora, IL. If you own properties in these towns, please let me know the following for each towns:

- do i need rental license? (I know in Aurora you do)

- annual inspections? (i know in Aurora they do annual inspections)

- do i need to install fire extinguisher in the apartment building? how often to get tag renewed?

- anything else I should know?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Vishal P.   I have a rental townhome in both Aurora and Naperville.  Aurora is much stricter than Naperville with landlords.  We were actually supposed to have a follow up inspection today at the Aurora home, but that has been postponed.  We've rented that home out for 7 years now, and I want to say we've had maybe 3 inspections during that time.  There is an annual fee though regardless of if you get inspected or not.  There is also an Aurora crime free agreement that has to be signed by the tenant and showed to the inspector.  I have the tenant in Naperville sign one too, but I don't think I've ever needed to give it to anyone.  A license or inspection is not required in Naperville, but they have a landlord "class" at the police department.  It's been four years since I took it, but I don't think that was a requirement either.