Rockford Metropolitan Area Networking

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RE Investors and Professionals,

Are you interested in BP meetups with the purpose of connecting with like-minded people, exchanging information, and developing mutually beneficial relationships?

If so, please reply with your interests and ideas.


I would be very interested in getting together with like minded people!  I have a full time job in heavy/highway bridge construction, so I'm pretty busy right now.  But when the construction season is over, I could definitely fit something in.

I'll be there, and possibly my wife too if we can farm the kids out. I know it's family friendly, but my kids are a bit young yet

I work 2nd shift so weekday evenings don't work for me either (and all REI meetings seem to be on weekday evenings), so unfortunately I'll have to pass as well. In a few months I should be getting a day shift position though so if it becomes a regular thing I'll eventually make it :)