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RE Investors and Professionals,

Are you interested in BP meetups with the purpose of connecting with like-minded people, exchanging information, and developing mutually beneficial relationships?

If so, please reply with your interests and ideas.


I might be interested in that. 

I would be very interested in getting together with like minded people!  I have a full time job in heavy/highway bridge construction, so I'm pretty busy right now.  But when the construction season is over, I could definitely fit something in.

I agree, summer is just too busy.  Let's plan on something this fall.  Hopefully we can get a few more interested folks. 

I would be interested too.  I'm an electrician and currently looking for my first property, would love to meet others from here.

This interests me. Keep me in the loop.

Count me in too :)

I would be interested in meeting with like minded people in Rockford. Let me know.


I agree sounds like a good idea. No time is better than now to get started meeting like minded people.

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Count me in!

Sorry @William Clement, I forgot to add you to the invitation post above.

I'll be there, and possibly my wife too if we can farm the kids out. I know it's family friendly, but my kids are a bit young yet

Thursday is not a good day for me. Are out going to have more meet ups in the future?

I work 2nd shift so weekday evenings don't work for me either (and all REI meetings seem to be on weekday evenings), so unfortunately I'll have to pass as well. In a few months I should be getting a day shift position though so if it becomes a regular thing I'll eventually make it :)

Originally posted by @Craig Wilcox :

@Antwaun Johnson,  I hope so!

 When I can free my Thursdays up count me in.

Lloyd and I will be there, thanks Craig!!

Thanks for the invite, I will be there.

Just found this group - hoping to make it and meet everyone. 

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