Lockport Property With Double Lot

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I usually work in the city of Chicago. Wondering if anyone has experience with Lockport area as an investor or know someone who might. Have a potential seller wanting to sell a 2 bed 1 bath single family home with a vacant lot next door for about $38K-$42K. Would love any feedback.


As @Andy F. asked I am also curious  if the property is located by Fairmont Ave, if so, then there are some similarly priced properties in that area, however if it's located basically anywhere else in Lockport it sounds like a good deal worth investigating. Also if you are going to be managing it yourself or living there, it's a pretty good hike from downtown, and 55 is always messed up :(

Stay away from Fairmount!  Stay away from anything south of dellwood park!  Fairmount is a complete war zone.  Just Google Street view through the neighborhood and you'll see why. 

Good luck and happy investing.

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