New Stadium and Road Expansion Projects?

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I am new to Joliet (and Illinois) and just bought my first duplex in the Cathedral area in December. We were talking to a neighbor of ours and she told us that the city is putting in a new stadium (sounds like it will be near the Cathedral area, but her information was vague). She also told us that the city would be widening Lincoln Hwy/30 right off of Center Street to accommodate more traffic. 

Tried finding information on the City's website to back up her claims - considering we live right off of that road next to St Francis University this could either hurt us or help increase our property values. Wondered if anyone else in Joliet has information on this proposal? 

Also, would love to meet up with any of you for coffee or a drink - maybe we can get a Joliet meetup going next month. Let me know if you'd be interested - I wouldn't mind taking lead on it. Or if there's already something established, I'd love to join!

I have also herd that. And done research but can’t find anything. A while back they put the device that counts cars go down the street and I noticed some weird spray paint lines on my side walk and the intersection. I’m assuming the are installing a light signal. But In asking around the only couple people told me the had herd rt 30 was going to be in construction.

Hi Cayce,

There is already a Joliet Investor Meet-Up scheduled for this month. Of course, you could always start your own, but this one has been going on for a while. You're welcome to come check it out!