Water service upgrade - SW suburbs

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Hey all,

Im rehabbing a home in Countryside, IL and looking for recommendations on a company that does water service pipe upgrades. I need to replace existing 3/4" line with 1"+ from the "B box" in my front lawn to basement.

Any help is appreciated! 

I did this type of work for several years.

This is from 9 months ago, however, the "B Box" is really a valve in the front yard with an access pipe on top of it that can be manipulated with a valve key.  In the event that the copper is 3/4" at the valve, then it is almost assuredly 3/4" all the way back to the water main.  If the water main is located on the same side of the street, it's generally easy enough to just go back to it and make a new tap (unless the water main is really old, then it's highly probably that it'll break, and my require a tapped repair saddle.  If the main is across the road, that is another story, you would need to dig on someone else's property, the road can be either open cut, or using a pneumatic mole or mini auger you can get through it.  Sandy ground is going to require digging, unknown buried utilities will also require digging.  I don't believe that Countryside was sandy soil though.