Visting Indianapolis

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Hey guys!

Im an investor from Norway who's visiting Indianapolis for the first time! Im looking to meet up with people who are interested in Property tonight. Drinks and conversations about property in fountain square perhaps? Anyone interested?

I won't have time but hope you enjoy the city.

Hey @Morgan Nilsen

Would be happy to meet up for drinks and talk Indy real estate...I have a few ongoing projects in Fountain Square right now and a couple more starting in the next few weeks.

Feel free to reach out!

Yeah lets do it! Im ready to jump in an Uber right now. Where should I meet you?

Just sat down at "pure" in fountain square. Will have a drink or two here

How long are you in Indy? Maybe we can do business in the future of you looking to invest.

i leave early on friday. Im looking to invest yes. Already got two houses here and looking at buying more very soon

Hi Morgan,

Dan Poske from bildwise.  We coordinate and manage rehab projects for investors.  Currently doing 3 in Fountain Square.  I would love meet to meet with you

do you recommend any Investor Realtors & PM's in the Indy area ?

I am looking at properties and would love to have some discussions with the pros.

@Morgan Nilsen it is worth talking to @Clay Manship and @Evan Manship even if it's inconvenient. They are my 2 most trusted sources in Indy and know the city better then anybody I've ever met. Also @Ryan Poske is most likely going to oversee my next flip. If you need any more connections there like inspectors, insurance, PM or anything else feel free to reach out to me. By the way, no one asked me to say those nice things. 

Looking to invest in Memphis market. Investor from New Jersey. I currently own in NJ and just closed on a property in ohio. Want to expand . Any knowledge on memohis?

Pardon me Memphis*

@Monica Pope

You might try asking your question in the Memphis forum and add in what you are looking for. There are experts in many different products of the Memphis market on BP. This thread is geared towards Indy.

big thanks to everyone I managed to meet this trip! Im very excited to do business with you all in the future! See you next time!

@Alexander Price thank you so much Alexander for your input. I read on your bio that you own in Memphis. This may be the wrong forum to ask you but I wanted to know how the market was there if you wouldn't mind sharing. I just purchased in Ohio and I'm wondering if the price points are somewhat the same. Maybe we could talk privately. If possible. Thank you.

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