Residential Redevelopment Guidance Needed (New Jersey)

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Dear BP - 

I am looking for guidance on redeveloping a property in Linden, NJ. I want to raze the existing structure, subdivide the property into 2, and build a new duplex, which has been done to numerous properties in the neighborhood. However, I do not know how to make this happen. Can I hire someone to take care of everything? What is that type of person called?  A general contractor?  Owners Representative? I know it will be cheaper to do it myself, but I don't have the confidence that I can pull this off efficiently and I need to make as few mistakes as possible.  Also, would be nice to do it within a year. 

Most of my experience is in owning rentals and property management, and I feel clueless regarding building a new structure. Does anyone have any advice for me?

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You should get city approval for subdividing BEFORE razing anything!

Finding someone to do this for you could be relatively expensive, so best you contact the city, find out the process and handle yourself.

Once you have city approval, you can then hire an architect to design the new structure, or buy plans online. Get the city to approve those.

Then hire a GC to build it.

Thanks Drew - I'm going to try that. I spoke to some others earlier today who said something similar.  I'm going to start with selecting an architect and take it from there. 

Thank you for your reply.


@Robert Marek

It would be prudent to double check the zoning of your property as well. If others have done the same thing, the zone likely permits duplexes, but it would be great to know for certain. While an architect is important, a professional engineer will be crucial also. They will examine the zoning code and advise as to how big your structure could be to comply with all relevant ordinances.