HOA Restricting Construction Improvements

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Has anyone had any experience successfully moving around an HOA that restricts construction improvements? I just bought a condo and have plans for a remodel, but I am running into problems with the HOA. They are stating I can't reroute any plumbing or relocate any walls. I don't see it written anywhere in the CCRs.

Hoping someone out there has some good news for me cause this condo needs some work. 


Generally in a condo you own the airspace not inside the walls, not even the walls often. You have an H06 insurance policy and the master policy that tells you what you own and what the association owns. Plumbing is going to be a big problem as you probably are on a shared water system. From the water main there is one line and you are just a stop along the pathway. Walls may be weight bearing? Have you gone to the Board with your plan? County city?


I look at this when I'm trying to figure the amount to insure for the unit owner.  The Condo Bylaws and Declaration are normally the documents that give the details on what, you as the unit owner, are responsible for and what the Association is responsible for.