Where to find deals in Los Angeles to flip?

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@Annett Annett

Well Annett you can drive around and look for rundown properties and knock on doors. You can buy a house that is listed and add square footage. You can double your money on the added square footage. Network with agents from different brokerages and they may have and off market deal or know of someone who does. What area are you interested in?

It takes effort, systems, and a lot of networking to find real flip deals. If it were so easy, everybody could do it. The difficulty is what makes the deals profitable/possible. Driving for dollars, website with SEO, networking at events, auctions, telling everyone you know or come into contact with what you are looking for, making relationships with agents, wholesalers, and other professionals, direct mailers to potential motivated home sellers, etc. There are many ways, you will need to find what works best for you in your specific market.

HI Annett,

One way that me and my husband found a TON of off market deals was by driving for dollars. We would spend nights and weekends driving around Boise writing down or pinning addresses that were distressed. For example, look for homes that have tarps on the roof, bad paint, lawns that haven't been mowed, trash in the yard etc. From there we would cold call these people and ask them if they are looking to sell. It's a lot of work and sacrificing time but it has given us so many opportunities! 

I hope this helps!