Question on permits & zoning.

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Hello Pro investor, Iam a new investor from TN.

Can you guys give some advice on how to navigate the permits and zoning for properties. like what do I need to be looking for when I purchased property, should I do all my due diligence before buying property?  what are some tips I need to be aware of. is it necessary to hire a GC for the demolition and repairs? 

I have this off deal property I'm analyzing, the owner of the property mention that property used to be a duplex, but know its a single family home. in order for the numbers to work i would need to make it a duplex and rent out the duplex. the property is not zone for duplex can i do anything creative with this one property? 

thank you. 

You can always put the property under contract subject to getting it rezoned for a duplex. The best thing is to actually go to the zoning office and discuss this with them. See if there might be some type of grandfather  cause.