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Hydrostatic test failed. Should I spend money on plumbing repairs?

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Posted Mar 28 2023, 11:29

I just purchased a house in The Colony that I plan on flipping. I do have the option of renting it out if needed. I just had the foundation repaired and the hydrostatic test failed. This was the second hydrostatic test, as the first one failed as well. Plumber advised it would cost $8-10K to fix. The process would involve an isolation method to pinpoint the location. They would cut into the sheetrock and drop a test ball to see if the pipes hold pressure. If it doesn't hold pressure, then they would jack hammer into the concrete slab to fix the pipes. The interior demolition for the renovation has already been completed, so I'm not worried about anything being damaged. 

Per the plumber, the plumbing in the house works fine and he advised if I'm just going to rent the property out, then he would not even bother fixing it. But if I do decide to fix it, he advised now would be the time to do it, since the interior has already been demo'd, including the floors. 

I wanted to know if anyone has had this problem before and if so, do they recommend fixing the plumbing? Understand that if I don't fix it now, when I do go to sell, the buyer will have some leverage to lower the price. I'm just afraid that if I decide not to fix the plumbing, as soon as the buyer finds out foundation was repaired and hydrostatic test failed, then it would deter them from moving forward. I feel the words "plumbing leaks" may scare off the average home buyer. 

Let me know your thoughts.

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