Blinds or No Blinds?

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I am currently finishing up my first rehab project in the Dallas area. For you locals, the property is actually in Ft. Worth, near 820 and 30. The ARV for the property is about $240K. It is 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 3,400 sq. ft. The property backs up to a local golf course.

My question is, should I put blinds on the windows or leave them open? I have it in my rehab budget, but I'm not sure if the blinds will make a difference on the sales price. What does everyone else do? Do you include blinds on your windows when you rehab and sell a property? Do blinds make any difference in sales price or days on market? Thanks for the help!

I speak based on discussions with realtor/inverstors and what I've read; not from personal experience yet.

But look at the comps. If the other houses in the neighborhood have them, get them. Buyers will expect the same as the other houses.

It depends on the neighborhood... Most in that price range use 2 inch wood/faux blinds or shutters...IMO , I would include at least on all front my affordable homes I include mini blinds on all front windows...

I'm with @John Weidner on this one. Skip them and if it turns out to be a potential deal breaker then give the buyer a credit. However, if I were staging the house I would probably put some nice wood blinds in the living area.

I've never bought blinds but my reason is different- I want to have as much possible light during a showing- I never want to have blinds- They can buy those after they buy my house.

I'm a certified home stager and have staged homes for sale. You don't have to purchase blinds to sell the house. If there is a nice view from the windows with lots of sunlight, don't cover them up. If however, the view is of another neighbor or main street there is a solution to allowing plenty of light while providing privacy.

Here's a tip most stagers use...Go to home depot and purchase the inexpensive paper pleated blinds. Most of them come in white and can easily be trimmed to size. They attach easily using a small adhesive strip at the top. They are not reposition able though, so make sure you place them right where you want them the first time and don't touch after that. They also come with two simple white clips so you can gather up the end to the right height. They are attractive and cheap while letting in good light.

Hope this helps.

I've always done the 2in faux blinds in the front and cheap blinds everywhere else. If you don't do blinds, make sure your windows are clean :)

I'll have to investigate that paper blind idea. It may be a good option.