Good books or websites to learn about construction and building materials?

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Hi all,

I am looking to learn more about building materials that are used in properties. In my area, a lot of the best deals are going to be rehabs and I want to use affordable materials that look great and last long in order to minimize. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Go to suppliers! You'll be using what's available locally. Need better product knowledge, go to manufacture's web sites. They usually address the proper applications and installations for warranty coverage. :)

@Frank Coppola I would be more concerned with the construction techniques than materials, those you can find information about online. Knowing the what, how, and if of the work is harder to learn. Your local big box store has Saturday classes that would provide a start if you don't have that experience. That and maybe offer to work part time as a laborer for a contractor in exchange for training.

buy a copy of the 2012 irc code book and start reading. I personally find the chapters about wall and ceiling construction to be fascinating reads.

Easy way to spot check a framing contractor? Walk through with the header table and start checking their lumber sizes... also works on architectural plans that call out header sizes. A lot of archis still use the 1996 cabo table instead of the newer irc table. Boy do they hate it when I point that out...

Sorry for the delayed response here! I have been running around the past few days and have not had a chance to reply. I really appreciate everyones input and persepctive on this.

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