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Hi all,

I am still looking for my first flip. I am in the process of making an offer on a property. It is a 1960s era ranch that is very dated an needs extensive updating. The thing is, the tile in the bathroom is in great shape. It is extremely clean without any chips or cracks. It does look very 1960s though.

Would it look too strange if I updated the rest of the house but didn't change the bathroom tile?

All opinions are appreciated.

For a flip for sale, yes it would not be good. For a rental you could probably get away with it.

@Christopher Gilly - I've had a guy in the past to paint the bathroom tile (and the tub). I think this route is okay for a buy-and-hold rental or a first-time-buyer kind of flip.

@Christopher Gilly I agree with both of the above posters. We have lots of 1960s era ranch homes in Louisville with the exact same issue. Yes, it would look very strange to leave the tile as-is. However, there is an etching process that allows you to paint it and have it look very nice. I've done it on flips for first-time home owners as well as rental props. Holds up well if done properly.

Thanks for the responses. I wasn't aware of the etching process...great to know!

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