Basement Systems vs Carpenter

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Hi All;

Doing a fix n flip of a cookie cutter 1960s 3/1 ranch in MA. Basement is dry (good sump pump) originally wood grain paneling looks like a DIY job.

I was watching one of the flip shows and they used one of those Basement Systems Companies (- i.e. Owens Corning), I assume they got a break on price for marketing considerations, but;

has anyone done this? - and would it make sense, from both a quality and cost standpoint, considering this is a flip and not a home I will live in.


@Robert Conroy Those basement systems when I looked into them were almost the same price as a local basement remodeler without the ability to easily make changes in the future(which doesn't matter as much to you I realize).

Personally unless it is a really bad DIY job or your target price range is high I would paint the paneling a light beige color to brighten it up put down some new carpet from Home Depot without padding (~$0.69/sq ft + $150 install from a local installer from my last basement job) and call it good. In general unless it is really over the top I doubt the basement will significantly increase the sale price compared to putting the money into kitchens and baths upstairs.

Good luck with the project

I've seen one in person and would not do it unless the house was really low end.

Take the paneling down and install drywall with insulation would be my recommendation

I've painted paneling white, and I think it looks great. It looks more interesting than boring walls. You may want to consider flooring for the basement that can withstand water. What if you put laminate in there, but then put a few area rugs to stage it? I do think finishing the basement is well worth the money.

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