Lowe's Kitchen Installation Services

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Hey BP Folks!

My name is Tyler and I am pretty new to the real estate investing game. I just recently purchased my first investment property and plan on doing a kitchen renovation before bringing renters in. The problem is that I'm currently deployed, which naturally makes coordinating with contractors a bit more difficult. I have a property management company, but I don't want to entrust too many of the details to them until I'm a little more comfortable with the process of rehabbing. I just watched the following video about Lowe's Kitchen Installation Services.


From the looks of it, they're pretty much a one-stop shop for kitchen remodeling. They provide the following services...

1) Send someone to take measurements of the room

2) Create a 3D layout of the kitchen based on your criteria and vision

3) Create a budget for your review and approval

4) Order the cabinets, countertops, and appliances and anything else you need

5) Install everything using their own vetted installation experts

The house is a low-mid range property in Oklahoma City, so I plan on using framed semi-stock MDF cabinets with a wood veneer and formica or laminate counter tops.

As far as I can tell, the biggest downfall is that they say it could take a few weeks to a month to complete the process. However, it appears that I could do everything from afar, and I would still be able to approve of everything as we go along. I feel like that would give me a lot more piece of mind.

I would love to know if anyone else on BP has ever utilized Lowe's for a full service kitchen installation. If so, do you have any advice before I proceed?

Thanks in advance for the help!




I know this doesn't directly answer your question about whether or not Lowe's services are worthwhile, but you are going to pay top dollar for something another construction company can do for you at a fraction of the cost.

Lowe's hires contractors and charges a mark up on these services. Cut out the middle man and find a reliable GC to oversee the kitchen remodel if you aren't there to watch it.

Good afternoon Tyler, I used lowe's for granite counter tops in my home and It took about 1 month for the installers to put them in. It's true that they do sub out the work and you should look into who is doing the job. I decided to go with lowes because they were having a good sale plus I received a military discount which saved me 800 dollars off the total purchase price.

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Tyler I've never used the installation service Lowes have but I buy all their stock cabinets, counter tops, sinks taps etc which are perfect for the type of houses I have. I quite often buy the unfinished ones off the shelf and then paint or stain them. Have you asked your PM to give you a quote, you don't know the contractors at Lowes either. At some point the PM is going to use his people anyway for future maintenance issues. Worth a comparison in my opinion.

@Tyler Flagg - I'd get some recs here from investors in your markets like Sara and get some quotes from contractors. You're PM can schedule viewings for contractors. Unless the house is fairly new, you'll likely run into a ton of add-ons going your route. The subs used by the big boxes don't get paid all that much...the bulk of profits goes to the big box and they can't attract the best subs...the better contractors make more money running independently. So when a issue pops up, like extra plumbing work or rotted subflooring - you get creamed! I've been a contractor for most of my life and an investor for about as long! If you go the route you are thinking, it's going to cost you a ton for a false sense of peace of mind. I would definitely get a quote from whomever the PM recommends as well.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the quick replies. It looks like y'all are on the same page that Lowe's will probably cost me more for installation than their work should warrant. I'll go ahead and get quotes from some contractors in the area and go from there. Thanks again!