Designers: what would you do with this place?

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I am wanting advice on what color to paint the exterior, any nice features to add, etc. to increase curb appeal. What would you do to hide or even spruce up the 4 big columns? This place does not have curb appeal but the income numbers are excellent!!!

I am already going to remove the fence, fix up and update landscaping. Just wanting additional eyes on it for suggestions.

My image didn't upload! try this link or else I give up.

First I would pull out the chain link fence; that instantly makes a house look cheaper in my opinion. I would build up the posts on the bottom so they are thicker/ look more architectural? You can use either PVC, aluminum, or stone wraps around the existing posts. Check out this link for faux stone base: or this example of a fat bottom column: Googling craftsman porches will give you a lot of ideas.

I would also go with a more modern color scheme like green-grey with red trim. This house is not unlike yours but I like the colors much better:

Also, if you can plop 2 very large colorful pots or adirondack chairs (ideally coordinated with the new trim color) between the 1st and 2nd post, then between the third and fourth post, it will help give the house a little symmetry and make it not so top heavy. Right now your roof dominates too much.

And finally if you can find a large pendant light - black, 2 to 3 times the size of the existing pendant hanging down, that will help it look much nicer.

If you do change the house up, please post pictures; I'd love to see it!

@Account Closed thank you so much for the reply. I looked at all of these same things (posts, modern paint colors, etc.) that you mentioned but just could not come up with what to physically do to them, but you did! I am closing on this place May 15th and will be doing a full remodel/update inside and out. I have the inside planned out but was struggling with the exterior. I will for sure post pictures in a couple of months. I am sure you will see many of your suggestions on the finished product!

Awesome! Good luck with it!

I would put up shutters on all windows and paint the entrance door to match; put some plants along the driveway and also plant some color in the front of the house. Have the roof tie into whatever color you choose. Get rid of the chain link fence. Put some solar lights along the driveway. Dress up the garage as it also is part of the curb appeal; put some hedges along the side of the house to dress that area up as well. Put some expensive looking carriage lights on the garage as well as a motion detector light. Drive around the neighborhood and see what others have done. Food for thought.

Do you step down immediately inside the door? The windows appear to be at floor level and that's part of what makes the front of the house look odd.

I thought the windows looked odd, but didn't realize why until @Sylvia B. brought it up. I agree with the other suggestions above. I thought bigger windows, and /or some on the driveway side. Plants definitely crossed my mind, and I would match the paint on the garage with the new house color, tie it all together.

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