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James, In the last 3.5 years how has the market evolved? It seems as if the economy and housing market is on the rise. I would also imagine the number of people trying to flip homes is also going up.

@James Vermillion  - I'm getting calls from my first marketing campaign and are finding that many areas inside New Circle seem "rough" and I really don't know where the buyers are for these properties to wholesale to. Advice? Also, areas to stay away from?

@Clifton Grady  - @James Vermillion surely knows the market better than me, but there are some solid lower/ middle class neighborhoods inside new circle. In my experience, chevy chase, beaumont, the area around chinoe rd, and the neighborhoods sort of southeast of campus are fairly nice. 

There are a lot of websites that monitor/ aggregate crime statistics. 

Websites like raidsonline aren't perfect indicators (for example, crime rates downtown appear high but the same market supports some of the most expensive apartments/ homes in Lexington), but they can be a useful starting point. 

You definetly want to locate property is southwest Lexington if you can find it for the right price.  That area is bounded by new circle road and the fayette/jessamine county line and harrodsburg and nicholasville rd and it is safe to go all the way up to Richmond Rd.  That is best place to own property.  A previous post referred to chevy chase and beaumont good luck as these are the highest priced subdivisions in Lexington for $200-$250 a square foot about 50-75% more than the rest of Lexington.  Ive appraising and investing hear for 20 years and have intimate market knowledge and have 2 fix and flips in process now and would be happy to help you.  I know the past is old but you can contact me if you like. Thanks for the post and have a great day!

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