Cost to convert a room back into the garage?

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Hi -- can anyone give a ballpark estimate of the cost and issues involved with taking a room - that was once the garage but now a room - and turning it back into a garage? I'm looking at a house that the previous owner added a 4th bedroom by closing off the garage. Every house in the neighborhood has a 2 car garage and I really think the house needs the garage -even at the expense of the floor space.




No way to know. It could be a rather low cost change or higher based on how the conversion was done. Some I have seen really would only need a little demolition to get back to a garage.

John Corey

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The front has brick now. they did a nice job except for leaving the driveway there. All of the houses in the neighborhood are similiar -- and they all have 2 car garages. I'll see if I can post a picture...

That looks like a lot of work to convert it back. Could you get away with adding a carport over the driveway?

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That is actually an easy convert. But why not just install a carport. The 4th room is nic and most folks will take that and a covered carport over a garage.

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