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I've been trying for several weeks to uncover sources for potential properties to rehab and flip in the Atlanta area - specifically the east end, Old Fourth Ward, Morningside, Inman & Grant park areas. It seems like all that is offered is west end or east end properties that are pretty much in war zones and those all seem to be offered by newbie wholesalers with inflated ARVs and low ball repair estimates. Does anyone have suggestions regarding the most efficient and effective means to generate deal leads?

You have to build a marketing capability to get leads. The east and north ends of Atlanta are very competitive.

Some tactics are: snail mail, web marketing, and bandit signs for motivated sellers. Contacting investor-friendly agents. Driving for dollars looking for distressed houses. Networking at the REIAs for partners who have houses but no money. Foreclosure/tax auctions. MLS.

Wholesalers are hit and miss. I think it takes time to be at the top of the list with a good wholesaler/agent.

What have you tried?

I subscribed to several wholesalers websites (, etc), newsletters, FMLS, several brokers/agents and contacts on BP. I've yet to become active in a local REI association, and will be doing that soon. I've been driving through these areas, scouring FSBO listings, etc.

On the topic of Bandit signs... for Atlanta are there laws against it? Do I need a permit? Listening to the BP podcasts got me thinking about those but I don't want to get myself into trouble. Thanks!

Hi, @Matthew Cavano - Bandit signs are used by many whole sellers but the implications of them are stiff fines should they be used in certain areas or with no notice to the owners of the land/property.

Hello, @David Begley - Welcome to BP! I hope this forum provides you with the most beneficial response and you do indeed find your ideal location.



@Ryan Rutledge Thanks for the information!

@David Begley . I second what Rick mentioned re marketing for leads and networking at REIAs. My last deal was a probate that I mailed to last year. It took a while to complete but it was all down to my own marketing.

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