New to REI in California Bay Area. Looking for a good mentor to get me on my way.

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Hi Everybody,

I'm relatively new to the investing aspect of real estate. However, I am experienced in RE as a whole. I've always been incredibly interested in Real Estate investing and I would like to begin my investing career right now but I'm having trouble starting all by myself. I'm currently in the California Bay Area and looking to begin investing locally. I am currently trying to begin in the home flipping to create a little more capital before moving on to bigger better projects. I am also an active practicing real estate agent but would like to move more into investing. I'm currently searching to team up with a mentor in the area to teach me the ropes. I'm young, energetic, and have a lot of ambition to do this. If any of you Bay Area investors are looking for somebody to team up to help with the elbow grease let me know.



Hi Andrew! You can start by attending one of our Bay Area monthly meet ups. A lot of great investors to network with. Get in touch with @J. Martin

He organizes most of them in the East Bay and SF area =) See you around!

Welcome to BP @Andrew Hong Lots of good information here for you to read up on. Best of luck on your future investments!

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