Cool Time Lapse Video of a Flip.

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Here is a timelapse video of a house we recently did.

Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts.



How fun! I love the flooring going down.

wow, that was an intense remodel! lot of work. Looks great.

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Who were the older folks at the end of the video?

@Rick Baggenstoss

Do you mean the "other" people or "older" people?

If you mean Other people that was taken at a bus tour we did for some of our local students. We went to that houses and like 5 others.


How did you're numbers work out? How long was it on the market?

Nice work thank's for sharing.

Awesome job AC... I love the Kitchen!!

@Andrew Cordle Awesome Rehab Andrew. I looked the bathroom trim being offset with tile. Great kitchen. One question, do you see painted cabinets coming back over stain cabinets? Thanks. Tom

@Tom Keith

You know I have been using painted cabinets for over 2 years now and I have used them on over 100 houses. Now the sales price point I used them in anywhere between 100k and 170k once I go above that I switch over to higher end cabinetry.

Using those painted cabinets does several thigns for me:

1. I get my cabinets same day as they are off the shelf unfinished cabinets from HD.

2. Of course they are very cheap I believe I did those cabinets material only for around $1,100.

3. My houses look completely different from all my competitors so the buyers tend to like my houses.

Just some thoughts.



@Andrew Cordle This is amazing and so fun! It was a pleasure to watch your journey. Thanks for sharing!!!

Very nice, If only my crew worked that fast! LOL


House looks good, I like the back wall in the bath (Great idea) and the painted cabs off the shelf at HD - then jazz em up with crown etc. is golden $$$. Can you tell me two things:

1. What model range are you using in that house?
2. what video rig do you have for the video work. I really like it and am going to do some feature videos on a couple new builds I have going.

@Blane Harvey

The cabinets are such a hit and such a great money and time saver. Now for the price range. I only use them in sales price point of 100k to 170k.

As far as the video equipment. I am not sure :) I have a media team that is on staff and they do that stuff for me. I will check with them as soon as they get back they are at a video conference in Chicago. I do know it is maybe 5 feet long and 2 feet high. I also know that they have some robo cop looking device he will wear when he is walking around.

I will get you the info.


Very cool - thanks for sharing

Excellent.. your showers are stunning!

The time lapse video is a great idea. It has so many uses from being able to show your work to everyone on the internet while keeping an eye on all the people working on your home, which looks fantastic by the way. Great job.

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