roof or no roof ?

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Looks like the part of the roof is either missing or there are 2 different kinds of roofing material used ? The house is 1920 frame. There is definitely some water damage inside ..floors are a little buckled ..dropped down ceiling tiles came off ..anybody ever seen something like that ? would not you need some kind of flashing when 2 roofing “types” meet ?

Looks like a hack job to me. If you are planning on flipping this to sell to a retail buyer the whole roof needs to be fixed properly. I wouldn't even work on anything inside except clean out until the roof is fixed first.

On commercial property with flat roofs I will see material like that but not on a pitched residential property.

Totally agree with Joel if you plan on flipping this house. You could lose a potential great buyer as soon as he gets an inspection done on the property. And why wait till then to repair properly or re-roof the entire house? Delays only add to your holding costs.

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thanks for your feedback. I decided not to pursue that place because of that and some other issues. there are too many questions and too large of a place for a first timer....

Ya I would replace the low sloped part, the shingles look fine. EPDM rubber would be the best but it can get costly to install. Where the shingles meet the low sloped roofing you don't need any flashings but the roofing membrane needs to go up the slope at least a couple feet, if it doesn't there could be leaks coming from there.

@Robert D.  

@Joel Owens  had solid advice for you. Know you passed on the deal this time, just keep it in mind for future use.

If you are going to spend any amount of money on a property or even dream of putting someone in there to rent and you have doubts about your roof........ Get it replaced without hesitation.

Need a cheaper way to get it done.... find a crew doing a roof and have them do yours on a day off - it will be half the cost.