Need help with vinyl/metal siding quote

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Hey everyone,

I have a big vinyl/metal job on a long-term rental we bought. We want to install over old wood and asbestos siding and trim on two 2-story duplexes (one is 2302 sf, other 2428). We want low maintenance instead of dealing with repeat painting, scraping, etc over the next 20+ years.

I need help to see if my quote is reasonable (I know it's area-specific, but still).

Work to be done (combined for both buildings):

  • Install 67 squares of vinyl siding
  • Cover all fascia with aluminum
  • Install vinyl soffitts
  • Wrap windows and gable vents with aluminum
  • Install 20 sets of shutters

We're also having 5" aluminum gutters and 3"x4" downspouts installed.

Total bid was $22,000.

We could use beaded vinyl siding (a little nicer) for $2,200 more.

Does that sound in-line?

Thanks for your input.

if you know the materials, just call the local contractor's store and get a quote for the materials alone.

then see how much they charge for labor. i'd assume no more than 3x the materials should be labor.

that's what i did and it worked great. i found guys that could do it for around 1.25x the cost of materials.

I guess it all depends on the location, $22,000 for two 2-familys sounds like a really good price.

A job that big you should have AT LEAST 3 bids.

thanks @Tom V. That estimator was pretty close to my bid.

@George P. good point on 3x materials. I got another bid with a price at 17,500 but it turned out the guy had no insurance. So no go.

@Phil Z. I think you are right. I need one more bid and I will have a better idea locally.

I appreciate the fast responses!

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