Dumpster pickup

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I have been trying to have my dumpster picked up for over a month now. The company just won't come get it. They keep saying it's on their list for pickups. Had anyone had this happen to them? 


Be careful as in reality you pay by weight (not by the yard) if you go over contracted weight for size dumpster you rented you pay!!!... Weather like today can add hundreds to a dumpster. Send a certified letter ASAP that you want it picked up as to not have to pay possible fines from the town and/or holding fees for the dumpster by the carting company...

Call them today and say, "Thank you for finally picking up that dumpster!"

I have a feeling they'll get out there pretty quickly...

Haha it's a shame I have to trick them into doing their job. Won't be using them again.

I was dealing with a third party who gets the dumpster from another company and then rents it to me(rates were cheaper than going to the company directly). I finally called the company who they rented the dumpster from and it was gone the next day. Waiting on the bill for weight at the dump. 

@Ana Nomys , I spoke with the company and they assured me I won't be charged extra for additional days. We will see about the overage on weight. It must have rained five times in that month I was waiting for them to come get it.

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