If you could rehab-flip anywhere, where would you do it?

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If you could move to any mkt for the purpose of buy-fix-flip, where would you go?

This is actually 2 questions, because i'm interested in stable b- to c sfr rentals too. Are there mkts that work well for both?



We are working these markets, any second and third level city on the coast to name a few Myrtle beach, Wilmington, all Grand Strand markets, Charleston, Hilton Head, Savannah GA, we are also active around second level city's with colleges in VA,NC,SC,GA. Beware of Filliping, it is coming to a end. What I mean by that is in good markets making easy money. It is to late to start flipping in most markets now.

@Peter Myers  Any of the southern states where weather is nice.  Markets are steadier year round and you don't have the big weather delays.  Also, it is never to late to get into flipping!

@Sydney Chase "It is to late to start flipping in most markets now."

Whether you think you can or think you can't, You're right!

@Peter Myers  , if I could, I would flip houses in the Virgin Islands. : ) Since my family and my life are here that probably won't happen. I believe that you can flip in almost any market. There are always deals to be had somewhere. Every distressed property is not on the mls. The key is to find the ones that work for you.

A question I would pose to you is how much capital do you have? If you have some capital, I would consider places like Nocal Bay area, San Diego, Orange County, Seattle, etc.

I know it sounds crazy because compared to other markets your ROI as a percentage is lower, but I look at it from a liquidation standpoint. In large urban areas with relatively concentrated housing, there are generally a large pool of ready buyers so as a flipper it helps to alleviate the risk of being stuck with inventory.

Of course on the other hand, it makes acquisition much harder. but I'm always more worried about selling than buying.   

Originally posted by @Gautam Venkatesan :
Austin, TX !

Agree with Austin. Huge demand for nice houses/areas.

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