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I'm in process of doing our first flip. Its a 1952 ranch and we need to re-texturize the walls. I don't think the walls have ever been re-texturized and we are replacing some of the drywall. The drywall contractor said that he would recommend getting a skim coat prior to re-texturizing but its an additional $2000. He said if I don't I won't get as good of a result. Any advice, is a skim coat worth it?

Hi Amy,

I have not done more than small holes. If you plan on doing a lot more flips in the future, I would say maybe it's worth spending the money. I think you can rent those things at the Home Depot or Lowes.

@Amy Efland this really depends on how bad the walls are, what texture you have and desire, and the price range. 2k for a skim coat sounds steep unless it's a huge house.

Most importantly, as an investor you have to ask, "does spending 2k here make me more than 2k via speed of sale or price?"

Its not a big house its only 1000 square feet. We live in Northern CA so the labor is expensive here. We are replacing some of the drywall so I was concerned about matching the new drywall with the old dry wall when we do the texture. If you re-texturize over old texture without a skim coat does the end result look good? Can you cover up an old texture and imperfections with just re-texturizing?

I'm not sure what you mean by adding texture to the wall? Can you explain that a little bit please?

I think your contractor may be trying to up sell you.  

What kind of texture do you have on the walls now? Orange peel, skip trowel, flat?  When you say replacing "some" of the drywall, how much does that entail?

In my experience, even a semi-competent tape and texture guy should be able to do a patch that is barely noticeable without having to skim coat the wall much less the entire house. 

If there is a really bad patch, consider having only one wall skim coated, then re-texturing the entire room.

If you give us a little more information, or better yet pictures, we can help you more. 

Thanks all for the advice! I ended up having the drywall contractor come over and do a sample texture on the wall without a skim coat to see what it looked like. It looked fine so I didn't end up doing it.

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