To Paint or not to Paint Brick Exterior

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Hello all!  I need your advice on whether or not to paint this brick house.  It has not been lived in for 20 years and was owned by a hoarder.  The neighbors are thrilled that there is a new owner that plans to make improvements.  I will be completely gutting and flipping it, so I'm not as concerned about repainting in 5-10 years, but I also don't want to turn off potential buyers.  I know that I can make other improvements like landscaping, trim, and shutters, but the 1952 brick is very dated looking.  All opinions are appreciated.


Personally, I wouldn't do it. I would not want to be the owner of the home who would need to deal with the paint that would inevitably fall off that brick. I have always liked brick and personally I don't think it ever gets dated. Do yourself a favor and just power wash it and leave it alone. The roof is obviously the biggest thing that needs to be taken care of here. That and the bush-tree fondling the left side there. Just my 2 pennies! Looks like fun btw.

I think Tim is right. The brick just needs a good power washing with some TSP or good cleanser, new roof and personally the red roof, yellow siding, white trim and beige colored brick seems a little too busy looking. I think if you tone it down a bit to a more smoother contrast of colors you will be in good shape. Just my opinion of course ;-)

Check your comps.  Painted brick fetches a higher price (on 50's homes).  

You have some color challenges contributing to your curb appeal.  If you have budget, I'd paint the brick.

Thanks for the replies!  I have done a little research, and painted brick houses are not very common in my area.  That being said, the few that I found sold very quickly.  With a new roof, new siding, new windows, and new doors, I think the brick will hold it back from looking like the new house that it actually will be.

Did you paint the house? Any pictures? 

Here's an update!  This project had taken much longer than anticipated, but we decided to paint the brick and it looks fantastic. 

I was originally an advocate for leaving the brick & power washing it, but the painted brick looks great!

Man, that turned out really nice! What color is that? And what shingles did you go with?

Thanks for the compliments.  I'm very happy with the results. 

The siding is Cedar Impressions - 7" shakes - Granite Gray.  I had the paint color-matched to the siding. 

Here's a link to the siding:

Great job. I am looking at buying older homes and many do have the 1950s brick, a little larger, and deeper ridges, that I have seen in newer brick homes. I know there must be an issue with the paint peeling but I am wondering whether a good power washing a painted brick house will repaint okay also. Your painted house is sure to stand out great in the neighborhood. Hope you get a fast sale.


I'm way late to the party; and looks like your figured it out...but what I was "going to advise" is that you need to consider the neighborhood...always. You can't get away with that in a Saks's or Neiman's neighborhood, but in a Target or Walmart area, it goes over very well.  We did a similar project and the previous owners had closed in a 1-car garage, and added living space. Well, they didn't exactly match the original brick, so it almost "had to be painted". Ours turned out really nice; but you truly rocked this! Looks amazing! Great color choices. Gray is the new beige. Painting any house gray (interior or exterior) will assist in a faster sale. God bless.

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