Monetizing the trash out process

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Hey everyone, so I'm currently working on a house in which the previous owner left behind everything. We've got a whole bunch of stuff to throw away, but also a whole bunch of stuff like books, furniture, tools, artwork, etc, that I think is worth money and could be sold.

for those of you that do trash outs, and I'm guessing most flippers do, has anyone ever gotten down to monetizing the trash out process? If so, would you mind sharing your sequence and processes? I'm trying to create an operating procedure so my next trash out process would be smoother and at the same time not leave any money on the table. Thanks.

@CK Hwang   I think my brother gets 100-200 per trash out then sells what he can via e-bay and garage sales. 

Are you considering doing trash outs as a business?

Hi Paul, no, I haven't really looked at the trash out as a business. Certainly something to think about but I will need to build up a team as my hands are pretty full with the flip business. Tried to sell stuff from our last flip house, but 4 months later, the stuff is still sitting in my garage as the items are all pretty low value items. Will probably just have a garage sale. 

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