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I am in the process of a rehab and was wondering how others market their flips. Do you place a sign in the yard saying "Remodel" or something of the sort? Or do you just wait until the project is complete to start marketing it on the MLS? I would like to find a buyer ASAP so was thinking I would market it right away but I also do not want to alarm vandals that the house sits vacant.

Thanks in advance!

@Mike Cartmell  if you are not working with realtor then as soon as you get the exterior ready, get a good sign up. If you don't have a logo sign then just use "for sale by owner". 

Getting contract on it before it's completed is not a bad thing.  


Also never show the inside till the protect is complete. Most buyers can not see pass the mess and also for insurance reasons. The MLS is the best way to market the house.

Sometimes I will run a ad, Are you looking for your next home? ETC 

On Craigslist or in local paper. The idea is to pre sell the property before I start work. I have done this many times. If interested in learning more just email to set up a time to talk. I will be glade to share with you how to do it. 

To much to type here.

Thanks @Tom Keith & @Account Closed

I should have mentioned that I am a licensed agent and will list the home myself. I would obviously like to find a buyer myself so I do not need to pay a buyer's agent commission.

I like the idea of pre-selling to create some buzz about the property and gather some contact info of potential buyers. Then when the interior rehab is finished contact them for a showing and hopefully sell to one of them.

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