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First I'd like to say that @jscott books are great help to me the newbie. I was just laid off recently. I would like to get started. Can any one a recomend a Investor friendly realtor that is in baltimore that knows about rehabs. 

I would contact Denise Uhrin.

Originally posted by @Anil Samuel:

I would contact Denise Uhrin.

 Is she on Bp? Thanks

Denise Uhrin

Thanks for the kind words on the books!

@Tyrus Shivers  is a local investor who recently got licensed and -- I believe -- is looking to help other investors...

Look at all these Baltimore peeps in the house!!!

My wife is an investor friendly realtor also, we've been doing business in Baltimore since 2007 and know it well. I wholesale,
Rehab and have some rentals.

Depending on your strategy, we can help.

You could also come to some of the meetings hosted by the Baltimore REIA, a lot of great people attend these meetings!

@Eric M.

I can certainly help you out. As @J Scott I am looking to help other investors reach their goals, whatever they may be. I am with Douglas Realty. I am an investor as well and know the aspects from that perspective. Being an agent allows me to assist other investors who needs someone that understands. Feel free to reach out and I will surely work with you. @Christina R. and @Terry Royce are great investors with great connections. You definitely should come out to the BWI Meetup! Lots of strong members in the group. 

Thanks everyone.

I know I'm resurrecting an older thread but I figured this is always a topic new investors are interested in. I just closed on my first rental property in Baltimore and had a great experience with my Realtor, Kristin Brillantes. She is extremely investor friendly and knows the Baltimore market well. Feel free to PM me with any questions about her!

I'm wrapping up a rehab in southern MD now and will be looking at PG or Bmore next. I will be in contact with some of you!

@Willaim Allen, it's in Lexington Park, St Mary's.

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