Buckling wood paneling?

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Just took a look at an REO that's on the market. There's ugly wood paneling throughout the house, and in several spots large areas of the walls are warping. (This is separate from a couple of spots in the corners of the 1st & 2nd floors where there have obviously been some bad leaks).

For those that have seen this before, what is warped wood paneling a sign of? That there's been moisture in the walls all throughout the house?   (Still in the process of fine-tuning my rehab assessment skills, lol.)

Also, here are a couple of pics (sorry if they're rotated the wrong way, couldn't figure out how to undo that):

Hi Vonetta-

You're correct- it's a sign that there was moisture at some point. If it's a cheaper paneling with a fiber board base and a laminate wood surface, it won't take much moisture for it to warp- that kind of paneling isn't even supposed to be used below grade because of it's high reactivity to moisture. Hope that helps.

If that second photo is a basement then it looks like it has mold.  You probably have to gut the entire basement and do some level of mold remediation.

Yes, @Phil Z. --the second pic is one of a moldy basement.  Definitely going to need some mold remediation work. 

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