Permit Issues With City of Houston

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Has anyone had a permit issued lately in Houston when rehabbing an old house?

Ok here is my story today... I am updating an old house and front porch. The City of Houston saw on google maps that I changed the roof line of the porch The City is now saying that it is an addition not an improvement and there for if it is closer than 25 ft from the property line we have to tear it down. I have not increased the existing porch footprint or sq ft. So because of the City of Houston is being lazy and using Google Maps, which is not a vaid tool I believe in this instance I am being punished.

I NEED HELP!!! any and all advice is welcome!!!   

Dude, I wish i had some advice for you.  All i can do is offer my condolences about the city of houston.  They have delayed one of our jobs for 3 months, another job has required 3 different inspectors and a supervisor for a plumbing inspection.  even AFTER the supervisor met with my master plumber and APPROVED the got unapproved.

Run it up the flagpole, get in front of as many people as you can and visit the office in person.  its just a cluster, accept it, and work around it.

Thanks Sam, I am running it up several flag poles for sure, and getting good advice, and getting my own ways of handling it properly validated, etc. Found another guy on my facebook group that had fought it the wrong way on a rehab in the Heights, and he ended up having to take 5 feet off his porch, but he did change the footprint going back with concrete under the wooden deck porch, rather than keeping the wood deck framing the same, and he extended the concrete out past the porch itself, which did in fact change the original foot print, my project manager has been doing these rehabs 40 years in Houston, but this thing really stressed him out, and he knows the inspectors really well, the tipping point for him was that they were using a aerial google map image of the house and porch, which isn't valid for a gazillion number of reasons, we are going back in this morning at 8 am hoping to just have a different inspector, and getting a 2nd opinion, because our recent survey shows the building line and house structure and porch are within the measurements that they are calling for, thank God for that!

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