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A couple of months ago a storm came through and damaged a roof on one of my houses, we got the roof fixed immediately but it had caused a portion of the ceiling in the living room to cave in.  It's 20' ceilings, so I only wanted one contractor to fix it, so we waited.

This week he had me on the schedule, I told him I would arrange for a lift and have it at the house yesterday morning,,,all so good, right.   He finished about 9PM, and he and I loaded the lift (about 1k lbs) into my trailer.  This morning when Sunbelt rentals opens, I went by to drop it off,,,,I went in, ask to have someone help me,,,they said in a minute,  I waited, then went in and ask again, same answer.  I knew I was coming up on my 24 hours so i went and was going to roll the lift down the ramp,,,,,and like a dummy I pulled it instead of pushing,,wheels got caught on the top, it tipped over and landed on top of me...,,it required many stitches in my face, I have a CT scan on my brain and face tomorrow, and I feel like I got run over by a tractor trailer rig.

I am only writting this because if you start to do something, and that little voice tells you to wait for help,,WAIT FOR HELP,,,,with another person on the other side this could have been avoided,,,,

I don't know how many things I"ve done and thought "boy, that could have been bad",,but got away with it,,,don't do the same,,,no house/rehab etc is worth getting hurt or killed over


@Andy Collins thanks for sharing. And ... Bad as it seems, be grateful it wasn't worse. I have done similar things and gotten away with it when younger. Now I'm ornrey enough to be patient, but make a fuss if they tried to bump the rate after making me wait.

@Andy Collins  

Glad you survived what could have been a serious injury.

I was just reading an article about Disability Insurance for the self-employed & apparently some of the more frequent claims are from rental home owners. 

& I thought they were kidding...

Sorry that happened and hope there are no other problems besides what was stitched up!

I hope your CT scan turned out ok.  

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