Need Interior Designer in Austin - Help with Kitchen Design

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My wife and I are about to start the rehab on a 1956 SF home in central Austin. The original kitchen is cramped and poorly laid out. The good news is that adjacent to the kitchen, there is a small "flex room" that was added back in the day. We plan to expand the footprint of the kitchen to include this area as well, taking down one or possibly two walls in the process. 

The bad news is, we are struggling with determining the optimal kitchen layout/design. So we need the assistance of an interior designer / kitchen designer / architect. Not sure which role is most appropriate for our project - or whether the person's job title even matters. We just need someone who can help us plan a kitchen that will delight prospective buyers. And we could use a little help on a laundry-room-to-second-bathroom conversion as well. :)

Do any Central TX folks have recommendations for a designer who can help us on this project? 

If you could provide me with a rough overhead floorplan for the rooms with approximate dimensions and some photos I could try and assist. I'm trying to build my design portfolio, and while I am not an architect I have done a few designs for kitchens and bathrooms using my software. Not really looking for money, just would be nice to see some designs turned into real life projects.

If you're interested, feel free to contact me. Could also list the colors/finishes you have in mind, if any, or let me take a few stabs initially and modify from there. 

If you're in a hurry you may consider hiring someone local. I'm pretty quick, but do have real life commitments. 

Here is a sample kitchen I put together quickly. Wife wanted her teal Kitchenaid in there . . . so there it is :). The clarity of the render is proportional to how long I let it compute. This was about 10 minutes. If I let them run a few hours they come out much crisper. 

@Dylan Long  thank you very much for the offer! I'm certainly interested to see what you would propose for the space. I do have a floorplan that I can send you. Will send you a PM. 

Chief Architect Interiors. I used to use Google Sketchup to do some automotive planning, and then started using it for home design. Then I discovered Chief Architect which is nice as a lot of things I'd spend a lot of time making (like cabinets) only take a few clicks in this software.

That said, this software is much more expensive. 

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