ROI for Electric to Gas Range upgrade?

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Hey all,

Trying to steer my mom in the right direction on this one, but not sure what that is. She's been doing some tasteful upgrades to her 1880's Victorian home. She wants to replace her oven and ditch the microwave for a hood.

Her house has natural gas run to it, and it powers the tankless water heater and furnace, however the oven/range is currently electric only. 

Her house would be priced in the mid-upper range for homes in this city, so I mentioned that she might consider having a gas line run and switching to a gas range/electric oven, as when I was looking for a home I really wanted a gas cooktop. 

She asked if I thought she'd get her return back on the investment of the $600 gas line install and range, and I wasn't sure.

The comps in her area all seem to have electric, so in that sense I might say no. But, could it be a "leg up" should she go to sell, in that she has gas while others do not?

$600 for the new line and the range? I wish I lived where she does. $600 for a new range alone is a steal let alone the cost to have a new gas line added.  

Do you actually have a quote for that? Does it include the permits to add the gas line? 

I'd say to go for it. Not knowing anything about the comps or value of the house it seems like $600 is a drop in the bucket of the total value of the home. And, I agree, gas ranges seem to be the nicer option when selling a home vs. electric. And if she's going to live in the home for at least another 5+ years then why not? $600 is a small price to pay for the enjoyment and, possibly, utility savings of the new set-up. 

Sorry, that wasn't $600 for the line and range. I reread my post and I wrote it wrong. $600 for the line install, THEN the additional cost of the range (anywhere from $700-3k depending on model). 

I would just keep the stove electric, why go through the hassle?  Sounds like people in the area will not balk at an electric set up because it is the norm.

Think about it, who in their right mind would love every aspect of a house and pass on it because the stove was electric.  Think you might be over thinking this one.

The big thing you have going for you is that the house is heated by natural gas.  In my neck of the woods that's a HUGE selling point.

I'm not worried about someone passing over the house due to it being an electric stove. I was just considering that someone may select it over something similar because it DOES have one. 

Ultimately I'll tell her to get whatever she wants to live with for the next few years. I think she was more curious if she'd see a return on it, which she probably would, even if not 100%. 

If she's going to get enjoyment out of the stove while she's living in the house, I'd say go for it.....especially if the end cost will be in the <$3000 neighborhood. (AND....of course, if the prices in her area will support it....IE: she's not already on the higher end of homes in her area). In my area, electric stoves are definitely more common, but I've had quite a few buyers mention future plans of converting to a gas range. 

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