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Important Question for Rehabbers: Why  do they call themselves Expeditors when all they do is slow things down on every project I do?

What role are you planing in the project?

I've never heard a rehabber (fix and flipper) refer to themselves as a "expeditor".

Yeah, I have never heard any contractor use the term "expeditor". If a contractor did use that term, I would probably pass on him.


the Expeditors you are speaking of, is that the one that runs around getting your permit?  If that is the position you are speaking of, I don't think they slow things down.   Because it'll take more time for me or GC ($) to stopped by City Hall or Building dept, filled out all the correct forms, wait in the correct line and have all the information needed.  

this was suppose to be a question for entertainment.  They are the guys that deal with town and permits on more complicated deals, not simple rehabs- but all i am saying is they are not expediting at all- literally could have done this much faster.  We have been through 3 different ones and seem to be clueless.

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